Baked Lemon Chicken with Greens – Serves 4

Tangy Ingredients : Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts – 500

French Beans 250 gms cut in juliennes

Carrots – 1 large cut in juliennes

Spinach 250 gms

Tomato – 1 large

Amul Mozarella Cheese 50 gms

Fresh Lime 1 no

Butter 1 tbsp

Pepper – To Taste

Salt to Taste

Fresh Ground Hebs – Rosemary , Basil , Keya as per taste and likes

  1. Clean and pat dry the Chicken and make slices on it
  2. Rub the chicken with a little butter and marinate it with Salt Pepper and Lemon Juice. Ensure that the chicken is thoroughly coated with the marinade especially inside the grooves that you have made on  the pieces
  3. Keep this aside for an hour.
  4. Meanwhile in a large pan …put a little butter…some very thinly sliced ginger and garlic and put the spinach into it and cook on a high flame till the leaves start to wilt a bit…to this add the cut juliennes of french beans and carrots and the tomatoes finely sliced. Cook this on a low flame covered …the water from the spinach will be enough to cook this so that the beans and carrots are cooked but slightly crunchy.
  5. One the hour is up on the chicken…take a fry pan…add butter and coat the pan with it.Now put the chicken pieces in the pan taking care to lightly rub the chicken in butter…maintain a high flame for some time till the chicken starts slightly browning and then lower the flame and cook covered for about 5 minutes turning the chicken over every minute. The end result should be a mix of brown and white crust on the chicken and a half done feel when you press the spatula on the chicken.
  6. Now take a baking dish and rub the bottom with coconut oil. I am a big fan of coconut oil for the taste that it gives and also…well I am from Kerala. now sprinkle the finely cut Ginger and Garlic at the bottom and then line the chicken in the dish giving just a little space between the pieces to allow them to cook individually.
  7. Now place this in a preheated oven for about 15 minutes at 220 deg celsius .
  8. After your oven cools down a bit…remove the baking dish and the chicken pieces from it. line the bed of the baking dish with the cooked greens and lay the chicken pieces on top of that.
  9. Grate the Mozarella Cheese on top evenly…I use Amul…You can use what is convenient to you…it doesnt make a difference…
  10. now back it goes into the oven …same temperature….5 minutes till the cheese melts and drools on it…
  11. The greens would wilt slightly but it merges well with  the chicken and makes for a very healthy meal…proteins , fibre , plant based carbs.
  12. Calorific Value for one serving – 240 cals , Protein 37 gms , Fat 7.7 gms , Carbs 3 gms.

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